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  An uncontested divorce is the fastest, least expensive, and least stressful way to obtain a divorce. The parties reach a divorce settlement agreement and all the paperwork is filed at once with the court. No one is surprised by being served with papers by the Sheriff's Department. This dramatically lowers tensions, lowers your costs and keeps your personal information private.

  My flat fees (the court filing fee of $218.50 is not included) for typical cases are as follows: 

  $350 -- No minor children

  $650 -- With minor children

  My flat fees are the lowest you will find for the comprehensive legal services I provide. I begin with a free legal consultation, prepare all the documents, file the documents with the clerk's office and represent you personally at the final hearing. Document preparation services that offer lower prices on the internet only fill out the paperwork you can download for free by yourself. They cannot give you legal advice or represent you -- and the results show, especially where children and property are involved. 

  My law firm specializes in uncontested divorces, meaning I have developed procedures to obtain the best, most professional results for you at the lowest cost. For example, I realize that you cannot write everything down if the situation is somewhat complicated, such as refinancing a mortgage, repayment of joint debts, child support in shared custody cases and so on. Therefore I we will consult with you by phone as many times as necessary to make sure your settlement agreement is the best it can be. 

   Payment is easy by credit/debit card and if no minor children are involved I can even spare you the inconvenience of a court appearance if you wish. Call (770) 933-0780 to speak to me.