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  The decision to end a marriage is difficult. Unfortunately, what is a life-altering event in the best of circumstances can turn into a nightmare if the parties start off on the wrong foot.  

  In most cases there is no need to rush to file a complaint or petition for divorce. If the parties are on speaking terms and agree that divorce is the best decision they should try to reach an agreement on their own at least on the major points, such as custody of the children and division of property and debts. Ask for a free settlement agreement form to see what reaching a settlement involves. (Please specify whether you have minor children or not.)

  An uncontested divorce is the least stressful, fastest, and least expensive way to obtain a divorce. Disagreements are resolved by the parties before any papers are filed with the court. This dramatically lowers tensions and legal expenses, and keeps much of your personal information out of the public record. 

   My fees are the lowest you will find for the comprehensive legal services I provide. My law firm specializes in uncontested divorces, meaning I have developed procedures to obtain the best, most professional results for you at the lowest cost. 

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Georgia Uncontested Divorce        typical fees:

$300 -- no children or property

$650 -- with children and property